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F-2 Transport Video DVD
Take A Ride Video Collection
Viewing these videos is like stepping into a time machine!

F-2 FREEDOMLAND, CRITICS CHOICE!! This tape consists of footage gleaned from actual 16mm movies taken at FREEDOMLAND one clear summer day back in 1961. WOW! You may even find a friend wandering around the Park. Its like stepping into a time machine. Also included is an actual WABC broadcast from FREEDOMLAND and original radio commercials.
40 minutes Color Fully Narrated

These films have been transferred to tape using professional equipment and the best grade tape stock for both masters and copies. All efforts have been made to obtain the best possible picture quality. Some of these films may not be up to modern standards. However, picture quality on these tapes is quite acceptable. As always, there is a full money-back guarantee.
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